Fall leaf collection by Village of Marblehead's maintenance crew

The Village Maintenance Department is responsible for all village roadways, and village-owned lands and buildings. This includes general maintenance, repairs and snow plowing as needed.

This department is also responsible for upkeep of James Park, Radar Park, Lucien M. Clemons Park, and Clemons Cemetery; spring and fall leaf pickup; and recycling of Christmas trees each January.

The Village offers curbside pickup of leaves during specific time periods in the fall and early spring when most residents are doing their leaf raking, which is October 15 - December 15 (every weekday as needed) and April 1 - 30 (Mondays and Fridays).  Accordingly, free leaf bags are available for village residents to pick up at the Town Hall for these periods.

NOTE: For Village leaf collection, the following rules must be observed:

  • Leaves must be in paper bags. No plastic bags.
  • Yard waste bags must contain only leaves. No dirt, rocks, tree/shrub trimmings or branches, etc.



513 W Main Street
Marblehead, OH 43440
United States

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