Marblehead Lighthouse Historical Society Museum

Marblehead Lighthouse Historical Society Museum, at 110 Lighthouse Drive (off SR 163) in Marblehead, is located next to the lighthouse. The Marblehead Lighthouse Historic Society operates this museum in the restored Keeper’s House. The Keeper’s House was the residence for 16 lighthouse keepers and their families, starting in 1880. The museum displays photographs and artifacts relating to the history of the lighthouse and the nearby community of Marblehead. A replica of the lifesaving station that once protected the waters off the Marblehead Peninsula opened May 2016. Inside the building, you will find an authentic lifesaving boat and additional exhibits.

Marblehead Lighthouse Historical Society Museum Sign

About the Historical Society

The Marblehead Lighthouse Historical Society is a non-profit organization formed to establish a museum for the preservation of the history of this unique village on the shores of Lake Erie and Sandusky Bay, with a special interest in its historic Marblehead Lighthouse.